Over the last 60 years, Maruyasu has built a reputation for producing yarns of unparalleled quality. We translate every designer’s passion for creating beautiful products by providing only the finest tools. Monteluce is a culmination of our rich history and our pursuit of the future.
Maruyasu is recognized for our precise attention to detail, from planning to development. The yarn we produce defines our identity, and we have paved our way by remaining honest to our brand and to our clients. We make deliberate decisions with the designers and consumers in mind.
In a constantly evolving industry, the conception of knits relies on originality. Touching the “Monteluce” yarn opens doors to ideas – it evokes the excitement of creativity, and it reignites the love for craftmaking.
The yarn that we present translates internationally with no boundaries. We hope to inspire the world’s creators and open their minds to endless imagination.


60年超の歴史を誇る私達の会社は、私達が持つクレドの元 洋服をニットを愛する全てのデザイナーに素晴らしい商品 糸をお届けすることで確固たる利益に貢献します。

“MONTELUCE”の糸に触れてお客様が体験出来ること、それは新たなアイデアとそれらが生み出されることへの期待感 そして物を作ることの本来の楽しさを思い出すことが出来るでしょう。