The Legacy of Monteluce

We call our brand “Monteluce.”

The logo, designed to resemble an hourglass, has engrained in it our golden standard. It is built upon the phrases “monte” and “luce”.



The products that we present to our consumers are, at the very core, based on “quality,” “design,” and “texture.”

“Quality” speaks not just to the final yarn, but to the raw materials used. We select our materials through our trusted partners within Japan. This allows us to not only closely view the quality of raw materials from year to year, but to also obtain direct surveillance on what crops were best and build around this exclusive advice.

“Design” refers to our deliberate choice of focus. We do not expend our energy in attempting to master the infinite yarn-making methods of the world. Instead, we focus our efforts on improving our craft. We concentrate on learning every last detail of our machinery and mastering our techniques at hand. As such, we excel in what we do, because we thoroughly understand the power of the raw materials and take full advantage of Japan’s leading technology. This design of our company is what distinctly separates us from the rest.

For example, one of the yarns we present is “Nautica.” Although this a loop yarn using merino wool, its superiority lies in the thinness of the thread.

The thread count of this yarn is a thin number of 30. Over the last few decades, we have seen many loop yarns made of wool from around the world; however, none have come close to the lightness of Nautica. Due to the yarn being so fine, and in addition to the technology required to produce it, we hit many speed bumps in our pursuit. Overcoming these hurdles has enabled us to achieve an unprecedented and transcendent creation. Compared to any other yarns in its class, the very delicate “Nautica” maintains an overwhelmingly light, unmatchable and unique texture.

“Texture” is of course a major concern in our industry. Our attention to texture does not only speak to the materials or the physical feel of the product, though. The yarn is nothing unless it is suitable for the use of the designer, who is ultimately creating art. We are most concerned by what the designer wants to convey and the emotions they want to invoke through texture.

Yarn is the penultimate material that creates knit products. Depending on production, these same yarns can embody completely different expressions. We are able to interpret the ideas of designers and present the appropriate methods of production to bring their work to life.

The triangle that forms “Monte” puts into perspective these three phrases, and shows that we are a culmination of all three points. The peak symbolizes one of our main goals in the creation of our yarns – to drive our company forward with this solid foundation, and present only the best of the best to our customers.


Luce symbolizes the expansion of perspective and ideas that stem from our yarns created at the peak of the Monte triangle.

When any creator touches a new product we conceive, an opening is cracked. Our yarn pulls open those doors to inspiration and broadens the horizon of possibilities. We create with the hope of stimulating designers and moving them.



ブランドのシンボルマークである砂時計のようなマークには、私たちのゴールドスタンダードが記されており “MONTE” と”LUCE”2つの意味で成されています。


私たちがお客様に提供する商品の全ては、徹底的にその“質”を“デザイン”を “風合い”を追及します。
“質”は用いる原料の選定を指します。原料の選定は日本国内の私達の信頼出来るパートナーによって行われます。その年の原料の状態を見て 私達のクリエーションに最適な原料のアドバイスを常に得ることが出来ます。
“デザイン”世界各国の多くの糸作りを私たちは常に知る努力を惜しみません。その上で私達は日本技術の素晴らしい点 機械の構造や工夫点そして原料の強みを理解し、私達が生み出すクリエーションの独自性 優位性を明らかにして提案することが出来ます。


この糸の番手は30番という細さの糸ですが、世界の様々なウールのブークレ糸を私達は何年も見てきていますが この糸と同等もしくはそれ以上の細さを持つ糸を見たことがありません。非常に細い糸の為 その技術は勿論、生産性においても開発当初、多くの課題を持ちましたがそれを克服したことで他に類の無いクリエーションを得ることが出来ました。とても繊細で細いそのブークレ糸は今までの似た糸に比べ圧倒的に軽く柔らかな風合いを持ちます。


糸は素材です。素材は仕上げの方法によって一つの糸であっても様々表情を演出してくれます。その演出のイメージを理解し それを仕上げる手法を私達は提供することが出来ます。

“MONTE”という言葉を表す▲の図形 これはこの”質“”デザイン“”風合い“の3つに思考を巡らし追及して突き抜ける様を表し、その頂点に位置する部分は私達のクリエーションの一つのゴールであり皆さまに提供する商品である糸を指します。


LUCE ▽とは


全てのクリエーターは私達の生み出す新たなアイデアに触れ 閃きが生まれ 感動を生み視界が開け 光差した新しいクリエーションに胸を躍らせて欲しい という思いを込めました。