Origin of Monteluce 

Monteluce dates back roughly 63 years, when we began our trade of threads in the heart of Tokyo. Thefoundation of the brand lies in our company, Maruyasu.
Sanzo Okazaki, the founder of the company, was born in Kounan city of the Aichi prefecture as the thirdchild of four siblings. The story begins in 1919, when he first moved to Tokyo to work at a yarn factorycalledHorikoshi shouten, not far from where Maruyasu is located now.
Sanzo worked at Horikoshi shouten for 22 years until the world was shaken by World War Ⅱ. Life becameharsher by the day, until eventually the company was burned to the ground and thus forcibly closed.
He was at a loss, with nothing to his name but his ambition.
Sanzo, however, did not lose everything. Through his 22 years at Horikoshi shouten , he not only gained awealth of knowledge and technique about knitwear and yarn, he developed a passion for the craft and adetermination to build his own company.

This milestone occurred in 1955.The following 63 years came with no shortage of trials and changes. From the flow of generations to theshifts in society and culture, our company has evolved with the times and has adapted to the needs of theindustry.
Now, in 2017, we’ve taken on a new challenge. Over the last six decades, we have worked tireless hoursand listened to the voices of designers from all over the world. The experience and expertise we havegathered has led us to deliver a new image and a new creation. Thus, Monteluce was born.


私達“MONTLEUCE”の起源はおよそ今から63年前 東京の地でニット糸の販売を始めたことより始まります。





多くの年月を重ねる間に得た、様々なデザイナーの声 そしてそれに日々応える為に培った多くのイメージを新たなクリエーションを持って私達は届けます。それがこの“MONTELUCE”です。